Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Great Reasons to Learn German

Well there are tons of reasons to learn German, just like any other language. Sure, learning German will help you get around easier, get to know a few of the locals better (maybe) and help you not look completely lost when you visit, but those go for learning just about any language. If you're thinking about learning German, here are 10 reasons you should get started now, without hesitation:

1. German is the number one language in Europe. That's right, it's not English or French! In fact, did you know that a people in a number of countries speak German or derivative of German fluently? These countries (besides Germany, of course) include; Austria, Switzerland, parts of northern Italy and eastern France, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein and some parts of Belgium, Denmark and Poland. The fact is, knowing German will get you far in your European travels.

2. If you want to do business in Europe, you've got to know German. Germany is Europe's economic superpower; they have one of the strongest economies in the EU and are known for being great business people. German is the language of business in Europe and a must for anyone serious about doing business there.

3. Advance your career. Many companies both in Europe and abroad do business with German speaking countries. Learning German can be an be a highlight on your resume and an asset to your professional career.

4. Expand your cultural and literary knowledge. Whether you are an academic or a history and philosophy buff, knowledge of the German language can open a world of literary treasures from Nietzsche to Goethe.

5. Learn how to order a beer the right way. No visit to Germany would be complete without visiting at least one of the many small town festivals held throughout Germany year-round. Rub elbows with the locals and order beer in German. You may even make some new friends.

6. Expand your horizons with a cultural exchange. There are many exchange programs to Germany for students and volunteers. While it may not be necessary to know German to partake in some of them, it will certainly be a benefit.

7. Get in touch with your heritage. Germans are the largest single heritage group in the U.S. That means that if you are at least 1st or 2nd generation American, there is a good chance that you have German heritage in your family. Learning German is a great way to get back in touch with your roots.

8. Germans are big on the internet. Did you know that the German presence on the internet is one of the largest in the world? Germans come in second in internet use only behind the U.S.

9. Germans are big spenders... When it comes to tourism, that is. Germans are known for playing as hard as they work and while they are hard workers they have plenty of time to let loose. With 6 weeks of vacation time a year, many Germans spend their free time traveling to other countries while on vacation, more than most other nationalities.

10. Learning German is fun... and easy. That's right, the German language is surprisingly easy to learn. In fact, many of the words are similar to those in English and are easy to pronounce with just a little bit of practice.

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